Why I removed 12 Weeks Transformation Program (And what you should know before joining these programs)

The 12 weeks Body Transformation program is quite popular on the internet these days. Everybody seems to be doing it.

However, as a customer, there are many insider things that you are not aware of!

Let me tell you one by one.

Fake before after pictures:
Yes!! What you see on the websites are most of the times fake pictures, or paid pictures!

Too many Failed case studies:
Yes! Everybody posts (including myself) success stories on their websites, but nobody talks about the failed cases. And the failed cases are too high. Moreover, the best of the best coaches in the industry doesn’t have more than 50% success ratio.

Extreme plans:
Both the client and the coach are always on a rush to get results. Workout and diet plans are usually extreme and difficult to follow.

No luck for beginners:
This one is a kicker. What I have seen is only those people get results who have either

    a) extreme will and discipline to succeed or
    b) intermediate or advanced level trainees.

Finally, there is a very important point to understand. Most people and trainers are wrong about body transformation.

Diet plans and workout plans do not make your body. Your habits make your body.

When you change your eating habits and preferences and workout habits, your body becomes a natural fat burning, muscle building machine and everything including following a diet plan happens automatically.

This is really the state at which you start seeing results.

However, changing habits takes time, at least a month and in some cases 2 months. But, once you are regular with your diet and workout that’s when your real 12 weeks transformation begins.

To sum up, this is the reason why I dropped 12 weeks program and introduced the 6 months to the superhero program.

The superhero program covers the following needs,

    1. Changing your habits and preferences. Making you a fat burning, muscle building machine.
    2. Also, putting you on a fast track once you are advanced, to get aggressive results.
    3. Bringing back to maintenance mode, so you can integrate your physique with your lifestyle and maintain it as long as you want.

You can check out the 6 months program here.



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