I have been there, in your shoes. I was fat and wanted to look good. I worked hard and build the physique of my dreams. But it was a long and hard road. I had to struggle a lot to figure out what works and what not. And now when I understand the whole process I want to help you achieve your goals with minimum efforts and shortest time.
We are committed and don’t sell one time schedules. A lot of online consultants and brands work in a different way, you get mediocre routines created by ordinary trainers who are part of the big brand name.
We don’t offer you one time schedule and leave you on your own. You get monthly updates on your schedule both diet and workout.
We offer continuous support via email to help our clients.
We are flexible, we don’t offer cookie cutter plans. You diet plan and workout schedules begins with you, you tell us what you like to eat and when and how much you like to workout and then we schedule your plans accordingly

I love to meet my clients personally and get to know them. However it is not necessary for your success. I need some details for which I will give you online forms to fill up. Once I have all the forms, you are good to go.
I love to meet my clients and create special bonding with them that is beyond business.
However meeting in person is not mandatory. Your schedules are detailed and designed in such a way that you can do them without meeting in person

We will offer you custom workouts, based on your goals and evaluation. However we do not offer personal training sessions.

We offer full support to our clients and you can reach us any time via email aditya@anextrarep.com . We offer phone and watsapp support as well during business hours.

We do insane amount of analysis on each case. Every routine is custom made and we use different diet strategies on case by case basis. If you follow the program as it is you will get results period.
However we do understand that no two people are same and the response of their body varies. As such we do not offer a guarantee of success.

Right from the onset we do a great amount of data collection from the client understanding his/her needs. We then do our research and share expectations with client.
From our end we expect the client to follow the program as it is and keep us updated with latest changes. This is not a one time schedule; we want to stay in touch with our clients so we can help them better.
However if the client is not following the routine or is not sending updates we will not be in a position to offer refunds.

Results vary from person to person. However as soon you start the program within 1 week you will start noticing changes in your energy level, your metabolism.
Starting from second to third week our clients generally start seeing changes in their body shape.

Our team does a lot of research and puts in a lot of effort to design your schedule. We accept payment in one installment, that keeps us motivated as well as our clients to stay focused on the results

We don’t keep supplements at our end. However as a loyal customer we can provide you supplements of your choice at discounted price.

We do offer discounts to our returning clients.

If you have never worked out in a gym before then this is the best time to start. When you start your workouts with scientifically designed programs and custom made diet charts you wont waste a single day of your gym.

Experts all across the world agree that body transformation begins with transformation in diet. Its a well known fact that Abs are made in kitchen and not in gym.
Our diet schedules will offer you the missing piece of the puzzle and help you prepare the picture perfect physique.
Our workout schedule will provide you a balanced workout routine which is targeted towards your goal.
Once you start our program you might not even need a personal trainer.

We have clients from all walks of life. Sales/marketing, executives, doctors, entrepreneurs, consultants, professional athletes and bodybuilders.
We understand the need of our clients and design workouts and diets according to the lifestyle of our clients.

Our programs require discipline and are intense. If you have an existing health condition we recommend you get a clearance from a certified physician before starting our programs.

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