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testimonial anextrarep
Haven’t met any other person other than Aditya who has such good knowledge of bodybuilding and fat loss.

anextrarep testimonial

anextrarep testimonialIn this subjective world of fitness and bodybuilding Aditya is some who coaches very much specifically and objectively as per the individual fitness goals.A small chat here and there with him made me understand so much about my problems.Thanks mate!!

anextrarep testimonial

A skilled and technically sound trainer is critical to a successful and impactful bodybuilding program. I struggled a lot to find a reliable trainer until I met Aditya Shrivastava who helped me to correct my diet, sleep and workout program. Achieved my goals through his right guidance with in 3 months’ time… Highly recommended.

testimonial anextrarep

Highly recommended for all levels, I lost around 18 kgs from this platform.

anextrarep testimonial

The God of body transformation. This man knows your body better than you. Just do what he tells you and you’ll have your goals achieved.
anextrarep testimonialThe day I met him, my life changed. ?
I have been working out under his guidance for two years now and its TRULY been a life changing experience. I love his methods and diet plans, he is a great motivator and a mentor.
anextrarep testimonialAditya’s diet plan and guidance really helps me to achieve my workout goals
Looking forward to learn more
Thanks man
anextrarep testimonialI was first surprised at his outstanding knowledge about body and how one can easily be fit with own choice of foods. And then the way he helped me develop a habit of working out regularly at ease and manage taking good diets, my body tells a happy story of health and shape. Highly recommended.

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