Body Transformation Program

What is a Body Transformation?

A body transformation program involves changing your body. Body transformation could mean different things for different people.
Body Transformation means changing the way your body looks. A successful Body Transformation program involves the following

  1. Losing Body Fat percentage.
  2. Gaining muscle mass.
  3. Improving body composition, to get visible Abs and Muscular physique.
  4. Gaining strength and stamina levels.
  5. Building a better body posture.
  6. Recovering from any chronic pain like back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain
  7. Improving your Body markers like BMI, Cholesterol levels, Blood Pressure

Meet Your Body Transformation Coach!

Hey there! thanks for Stopping by, my name is Aditya Shrivastava and I am your Body Transformation Coach. I am certified Fitness Trainer with I.S.S.A (International Sports Science Association) and a Sports Nutritionist.

Over the last 19 years I have studied, researched, and applied every single aspect of Diet, Nutrition, Supplementation for Fat Loss, Muscle gain, Strength gains, and body transformation!

I have been a professional bodybuilder and competed in many State and National level championships, so I know how to get Crazy lean while maintaining Muscle Size and Strength.

I have been coaching and training people, helping them achieve their best possible shape for the last 9 years.

body transformation coach

How Body transformation Plan Works

Body transformation plan works with you. We start with your goals first.

Your goal could be

  1. Losing body fat and getting abs
  2. Building strength and stamina
  3. Participating in Bodybuilding/Fitness modelling competitions
  4. Getting ready for your marriage or portfolio shoot.

Next, we analyze your daily routine. The amount of physical activity involved, your sleep routine, your work routine, your food preferences.

This helps us in finding the best nutrition and exercise strategy for maximum results. Your body transformation schedule is prepared accordingly.

Complete Body Analysis

1. Hormone type

Your body’s ability to lose fat or gain muscle primarily depends on your hormones. Understanding your hormonal profile and balancing it makes the first step to design an ideal program for you.

2. Body type

Some people are naturally lean but hard-gainers; some on the other hand gain easily but find it extremely difficult to lose fat. This happens because every person has different metabolic rate. Analyzing your metabolic abilities will help me develop an effective schedule.

3. Strength and Cardiovascular abilities

How strong your body and heart is- will decide the level of training we can plan for you. This is going to impact the overall transformation as well as how fast you can see the results in terms of the right posture, right looks and a healthy disease free body you desire.

4. Food preferences

Body transformation will be fun for you if the diet has all the foods you love. Whether you are a vegetarian a non-vegetarian or an eggetarian, we will make sure you not only enjoy this transformation journey, your workouts but your diet plan as well.

5. Life style and your fitness goals

Depending upon your lifestyle, your expectations and your time availability, we decide a flexible workout plan: the intensity, flexibility and frequency.
Whether you are available for three days a week or seven days, the intensity and discipline of the plan will ensure that you meet your goals.

Body Transformation Diet

Diet Schedule

On the basis of your body analysis and your fitness goals, a complete nutrition plan would be provided. This would include customized body transformation diet.
Transformation diet plan would be updated as per the changes in your body.

Read More on Body Transformation Diet

Supplemental Schedule

Complete supplemental plan would be provided as per your goals and your body requirement.

Transformation workout plan

Body Transformation Workout Plan

Body transformation training schedule: A Customised training schedule will be provided to match your fitness goals and help you create the physique you want. Workout plans would be as per the changes in your body.

Body Transformation Male Abhishek prepared for Nationals & Men’s Physique

body transformation male

Body transformation skinny to muscular Mahesh Got Into Fitness Modelling

body transformation skinny to muscle

How Can I Join Body Transformation Course

Joining Body transformation course is very simple. All you need is to share your details like

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. WhatsApp contact number
  4. Your Goal

and Hit Let’s Do This! We will review your application and contact you with further details.



    Body Transformation India Shahbaaz got the body he always wanted

    body transformation anextrarep

    Gym Transformation – Yash Got into the best shape of his life

    body transformation anextrarep
    body transformation program

    Body Transformation female

    While taking body transformation female clients, we take care of some important factors. Female’s usually get lean with abs at 15-20% body fat range. Getting down too low in fat % can affect their hormones and menstrual cycle.

    A lot of females still avoid weight training. As they believe it may make them bulky. This is not possible though because they don’t have that level of testosterone hormones. With a well planned body transformation female program, you can achieve a great shape and feel empowered, strong and confident!


    Is it possible to transform your Body with 12 Weeks Transformation Plan?

    Yes, it is possible to transform your body with 12 Weeks Transformation Plans.
    With Body transformation plans, you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.
    With Anextrarep Body Transformation plan you can lose around .5 to 1% body fat every week.
    If you are starting at 20-25% body fat range. This is the most common body fat percentage in men. You would certainly get lean muscle and abs with the 12 Weeks Transformation Plans.

    I live in India, do you provide Indian body transformation as well?

    Yes, we do. A lot of our clients are from India. You can check body transformation male India results on our page.

    Some of our clients are past champions in various bodybuilding, fitness modelling competitions. You can check the best body transformation India videos above.

    Body transformation process is the same irrespective of the country. However, a major difference comes when coaching clients in India.
    Indian clients have specific nutritional requirements due to religious/cultural reasons.
    Most of the Indians don’t eat non-veg/ eggs on certain days of the week.
    Those who do eat non-veg rely heavily on Chicken and eggs as seafood and other high protein food items are not easily available in many states in India.
    For this reason, we have to modify the transformation program specifically for Indian clients
    But the results are outstanding as you can see from so many fat to fit transformations.

    We offer a separate Program for our Indian Clients. You can check the Indian Transformation Program here.

    What are the Different body transformation programmes you have?

    We customise body transformation program according to the client’s goals.
    There are different body transformation programmes like

     3 months body transformation plan or 12 week body transformation

    3 months body transformation plan or 12 Weeks Body Transformation is the most comprehensive online transformation plan. This is most suited for working people, students, and common people who want to transform their body to get a lean physique with visible abs

    6 month body transformation program

    6 month body transformation program is for competitive athletes. People who want to participate in bodybuilding championships, or fitness modelling competitions. In 6 month body transformation program we plan for the season and prepare phase by phase for best performance in his/her competition

    1 month body transformation plan

    This is a rapid transformation plan. 1 month body transformation plan is designed for new clients who want to get a first-hand experience of body transformation before committing for full 3 months or 6 months. 1 month body transformation plan is also used by people who are looking for aggressive weight loss for certain occasions like marriage, photo shoot etc

    Body Transformation 1 Year

    Body transformation 1 year is AnExtraRep’s signature body transformation program. This program is created specifically for athletes who are preparing for bodybuilding competitions or fitness modeling. Below is the transformation success of our Body Transformation 1 year student Abhishek.


    body transformation 1 year


    I want to Start My Transformation



      Fat to Fit Transformation Rajul lost Over 30 kgs in 6 months

      body transformation anextrarep

      Body transformation fat to fit Venky lost Stubborn belly fat in 12 Weeks

      body transformation fat to fit

      How do I start my body transformation?

      We begin with your fitness assessment. Your strength level, endurance level, flexibility, training experience, and body composition. Next, we look at your goal, what type of body you want to achieve.

      Once you have these two things in mind we can then create a proper transformation plan and give you an idea of how long it may take to achieve your ideal physique.



        What is special about AnExtraRep 12 Weeks Body Transformation Programs?

        We started online Body Transformation in 2013 when online body transformation was hardly known. People would have a very common question like, where is your gym? Where will you train me? Online transformation was a new concept.

        But we knew that times are changing and online body transformation is going to be a massive thing in the future. AnExtraRep 12 Weeks Body Transformation, is one of the first and the most advanced and researched body transformation program.


        Is body transformation workout different from Regular Workouts

        Body transformation workouts are designed with a goal of losing fat and building muscles at the same time. This is not an easy task. It requires proper planning of workout intensity, frequency and volume. It also requires proper progression and overload of your workouts. This means your workouts are always challenging. So you keep on improving strength and putting on muscle mass.

        For maximum fat loss, High intensity training is given preference. It is scientifically proven that Hiit burn fat faster than regular cardio exercises. Body transformation workout are prepared keeping in mind both the facts.

        Is this an Online transformation program?

        Yes, Anextrarep Body Transformation program is a completely online transformation program.
        This means you can follow it wherever you live.
        We customize the online transformation program according to your preferences.
        You can choose whether you workout at a gym or home.
        You can even share the picture of equipment at your home and your online transformation program will be designed accordingly.
        If you prefer bodyweight workouts, no problem, we will plan your body transformation programs accordingly.

        body transformation program

        Body transformation gym vs home transformation 

        One frequent question I receive is whether it is possible to transform the body at home. Let’s first understand the difference between gym workouts and home workouts.

        Body Transformation gym

        1. Full range of equipment. This includes machines, free weights, cardio equipment.
        2. A Large space to exercise.
        3. Meet your friends and are exercising with a like-minded focused group. There is a certain level of motivation working out in the gym.

        Home transformation can be of many types:

        1. You have a full-fledged home gym setup. It might not look like your nearby gym, but it still has all the necessary equipment you need.
        2. You have a bare minimum set of equipment like dumbbells and barbells or a resistance band.
        3. You are doing bodyweight workouts only

        If you are looking to build a professional body, you should join a gym. A well-built home gym can go a long way, but you may still want to hit the gym once in a while to break the monotony.

         You can build a lean muscular physique at home with minimum gym equipment with a transformation diet. 

        A complete bodyweight workout is a compromise for most lifters. It is suggested only if you are a beginner or want to be just fit. To gain a significant amount of muscle, we need to overload our muscles. With bodyweight workouts, this is not possible. 

        How long does it take for a full body transformation?

        Full body transformation includes losing body fat and gaining muscle mass. It depends a lot on your starting point. Generally people tend to start at about 20-30% body fat range. Keeping a safe and practical approach you can lose .5 to 1% body fat per week.

        At this rate it should take about 12-16 weeks for a full body transformation.

        Can you transform your body in 4 weeks?

        Depends on your definition of transformation. Yes you can lose good amount of weight in 4 weeks with proper diet and exercise but getting lean with muscle size is a slow process. If you have never exercised before you can see faster results. For most people, it usually takes longer than 4 weeks to transform their body.

        Which exercise is best for body transformation?

        Body transformation is about building muscle mass and losing body fat. Compound exercises are best for building muscle mass. Aerobic exercises and high intensity exercises helps in losing body fat.

        Best exercises for body transformation

        1. Squats
        2. Dead lift
        3. Bench Press
        4. Pull Ups
        5. Push ups
        6. Jumping Jacks
        7. Skipping
        8. High Knees
        9. Mountain Climbers
        10. Burpees


        Is it OK to do the same workout every day?

        No, it is not recommended to do same workouts everyday. As we do same workouts, our body becomes efficient in those exercises. As the workout is not challenging any more, it will not push our body to build muscle or lose fat.

        To include variety, you do split workouts like push pull, upper body/lower body etc. You can also very exercises, sets, reps and weights to make the workouts challenging and engaging.


        What happens when you start exercising every day?

        Miracles happen! Seriously though, when you start exercising every day

        1. Metabolism levels improve
        2. Mood levels improve
        3. Energy levels get better
        4. You burn more fat
        5. Build more muscle
        6. Build a great habit
        7. Become more confident


        Do the 30 day challenges work?

        Do the 30 day challenges work? This is an interesting question. It is not easy to answer it with a yes or no.

        How 30 day challenges work

        30 day challenges require you to

        1. Follow a strict diet. This could be a well planned diet or a fad diet or simply some of the low carb or low fat type of diet.
        2. Follow a strict workout routine. Here you are required to workout everyday. It could be a workout in the gym or a lot of body weight or cardio/hiit based workouts at home
        3. Follow a strict routine and be committed for the next 30 days.

        You need to ask yourself, are you ready to change your lifestyle upside down for the next 30 days? If yes than you will definitely get good results. But if you are a slow starter or someone who takes time to adjust you may not see the value in 30 days challenges and may give up within 2-3 days.

        Does exercise change your body shape?

        Exercise cannot change your genetic shape or the shape of your muscles. Exercise helps you in losing body fat, it also helps in increasing the size of muscles. With this you look more muscular and lean at the same time. A well planned transformation program can change your appearance dramatically.

        How do I start working out again after years?

        Planning to start working out again after years? It can be challenging and intimidating. Expectations can be higher, results can be slow.

        What you need is proper planning.

        1. Analyse you situation. How much time you have, what is your current shape.
        2. Start slow. You may have been in terrific shape in the past, but it is always good to start slow. Start with a 3 days a week workout and let your body adapt. Go easy on your diet and make small changes
        3. Set expectations low. Especially in the beginning. You are starting out after years which is big achievement in itself. Give your body time to respond.
        4. Connect with friends or your partner or with people with similar goals. It helps to stay motivated towards exercise
        5. Find a professional coach if you are struggling to do it yourself.

        Can you Share some Body Transformation Books?

        Yes, Here is the complete list of Body Transformation Books.

        Body Transformation Books

        Can you Share some Body Transformation Male Tips?

        Sure, Here you go Body Transformation Male Tips



        I want to Start My Transformation



          90 day transformation workout plan

          How is 90 day transformation workout plan different from 30 days

          90 day transformation workout plan contains 3 phases of 30 days. At the end of every phase, we will adjust the intensity, volume, and load of your workouts. As you improve, your workouts will get tougher to make sure they are challenging and giving fast results.

          30 day body transformation workout male

          Do I need to follow the same workout for 30 day body transformation workout plan?

          No. Your workout plan is custom made for you. Once you receive the plan, the basic structure of the plan would remain the same for the next 4 weeks. But there would be changes in reps/sets/exercises to ensure variety and proper progression. This is to ensure your workout remains challenging.

          body transformation workout plan at home

          Can you give me an idea about body transformation workout plan at home

          Sure, most people have limited equipment at home. Like dumbbells barbells, fitness bands, or sometimes no equipment. Your body transformation workout plan at home will be made according to the equipment you have. This will help you build muscle mass in the overall body without any compromise on the results. If you don’t have any equipment, no problem, you will get a complete bodyweight workout plan.

          30 days body transformation male at home

          Is it possible to do 30 days body  transformation male at home

          In most cases, people do bodyweight only workouts at home. Because of this, the amount of muscle mass you can gain would be limited. But if you are doing smart workouts and following a body transformation diet, you should be able to get lean and muscular with home workouts

          90 days body transformation male

          What can I expect from 90 day body transformation male

          90 days is a long time, it’s 3 months. In 90 day body transformation male, you can expect to lose 12-18% body fat, gain a decent amount of muscle mass and strength. You can achieve a complete physique transformation in 90 days.

          3 month body transformation male skinny to muscle

          Is it possible to do a 3 month body transformation male skinny to muscle?

          Yes in 3 months you can gain a significant amount of lean muscle and lose body fat. This will help you transform from skinny to muscle.

          Over 40 body transformation male

          Is over 40 body transformation male possible?

          Many men in their 40’s have this question. The answer is yes, it is possible. With smart changes in diet and workout, it is possible for a man over 40 years to transform their body. You can check the inspiring success story of Dr. Vijay at the age of 48 years.

          4 weeks body transformation male Results

          Expected Results from 4 weeks body transformation male

          You can expect significant improvements in your strength, stamina, energy levels. You can also expect to lose anywhere from 2-3% body fat with lean muscle gain.

          Online Body Transformation Case Studies

          Can you share some Online Body Transformation Case Studies

          Online Body Transformation case studies will help you understand how we analyze each client individually. You can check some of our online body transformation case studies here.

          Exercise technique with online transformation program

          How do I check exercise technique with online transformation program

          With online training, you can send your workouts. Video analysis helps us find what areas need to be worked out. We don’t just see it once, we watch it over and over again to give well thought out, constructive feedback.

          Are Online Transformation Program Cheaper

          Are Online Transformation Program Cheaper

          Online transformation programs are cost-effective as compared to gym transformation programs. Because most trainers have to pay a significant percentage of their training charges to the gym. With the online program, you pay only for the services of your trainer.

          Body Transformation Program Pdf or Mobile App

          Body Transformation Program Pdf or Mobile App

          All your transformation workouts and diet would be shared on our custom mobile app.

          Body Transformation Program at Home

          Can I do Body transformation program at home

          Yes, depending upon your preferences, your workout would be customized for home based exercises.



          Fat to fit transformation workout plan

          Fat to fit transformation workout plan

          Fat to fit transformation workout plan has to be prepared to keep in mind the limitations of overweight people. People in this category usually have lower fitness levels, so exercise intensity has to be planned carefully. At the same time, they are not able to do a lot of exercise because of their weight.

          I want to Know More About Body Transformation Program in India

          Body transformation program in india

          Body transformation program in India is a customized program created for Indian clients. You can check the details here.


          Fat to fit transformation India

          Fat to fit transformation India

          Fat to fit transformation India is a little different from body transformation India. Fat to fit transformation male Indian program is focused on people who are overweight. These are usually in the obese category, with over 35% body fat. For planning a successful fat to fit transformation, it is important to take care of individual needs.

          For nutrition, special care has to be taken to maintain calorie deficit at the same ensuring that they are getting enough nutrients in their diet. A proper rate of fat loss also needs to be established, as an aggressive rate of fat loss may result in loose skin

          Results Body transformation Male India program

          What results Can I expect from the Body transformation Male India program

          With our Body Transformation Male India program we focus on the following goals. Building a lean muscular body, lose excess body fat, boost testosterone levels naturally, improve libido and sexual health.

          Indian Body Transformation

          How is Indian body transformation Different

          Having worked with 1000’s of Indian clients, we have faced a few challenges.

          1. Lack of awareness towards nutrition. Most Indians don’t understand the difference between a healthy diet and a body transformation diet. While a healthy diet can give you good health, it may not help you in lowering body fat % and building lean muscles.
          2. Religious/Cultural preferences due to which a significant % of Indians are Vegetarians. While Pure Vegetarian transformation is possible, it is difficult to achieve.

          4 week body transformation female

          What Results can I expect from 4 week body transformation female

          As a female, you will notice an improvement in strength and stamina. Decrease in body fat levels. And a leaner and curvier physique in the next 4 weeks. You may already start receiving compliments from your friends and family.

          I have shared all the details related to body transformation program. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.