I am doing this again after 4 years!

Four years back, I was running a successful WhatsApp group!

The agenda was very simple.

Giving people back, what I didn’t get when I was young.

During my days, I struggled a lot to get genuine information. Back in those days, the problem was, not enough information was available.

Today, I see the real problem is too much and misleading information.

Anyhow, I have decided to start the group again.

Rules are very simple:

    Any questions related to diet, fitness, nutrition, supplementation are welcome. I am not keen on answering on steroids so please refrain.
    I will not provide you with any free diet/workout plans.
    People with genuine interest are welcome.
    This is a free group.
    No troll or forward message.
    • This is not a casual group, it’s semi-formal/casual whatever! Point is read twice before posting.


    Do not post anything not concerning bodybuilding/fitness.

I hope you make the best use of this valuable resource.

Here is the group link

P.S I have removed the WhatsApp Group Link because I was getting a lot of spam. However, the group is active and kicking! If you want to join drop me a message at

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