3 Most important Questions in Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Questions


What’s the best diet plan?

The best diet plan is the one that you are already following. Yeah, you heard me right! This is the starting point. Don’t copy the diet plans of other people. All you need is to balance it.

    • Are you eating too much outside food? Cut them down!


    • Do you include foods that have low protein? Work it up!


    Does your food intake have high carbs? Lower them!

This is how you adjust your diet and make it work.

How can I get the best workout plan?

Start with the right questions.

    • Does your workout include all muscle groups?


    • Do you hit all muscles at least once or twice per week?


    • Are your lifts increasing over time?


    Do you workout too long, like 2 hours?

Which is the best supplement?

First, get your questions right.

Why do you want supplements in the first place?
If you want to increase your protein intake, then get a whey protein.

If you need good stamina and focus during workouts, then get pre-workouts.
Are you looking for more fat burning? Then find for agents that are scientifically proven for fat burning and then find supplements around it.

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