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6 Body building myths smashed Under 1 Minute

I used to believe in myth no. 4 and 5 and it cost me dearly in burning body fat and gaining quality muscle. Don’t let these Fitness myths stop you from getting the results you deserve.

Did you know that half the things you hear about body building are merely myths? Bodybuilding is rather a simple process and associating complications with it is pretty much unfair to it. In this article, we are going to reveal all the myths about bodybuilding that will leave you shocked!

Myth 1: A protein bar is good to alternate for a meal:
Truth: That would only be true under the condition that the protein bar is prepared at home and doesn’t contain any processed food. The reason is that food that is highly processed requires comparatively fewer calories o digest so its benefit is cancelled.


Myth 2: Milk is the best and only source for Calcium
Truth: There are many other alternates to ensure calcium intake. Broccoli and sesame oil are also a great source of calcium if you take it in the right amount.

Myth 3: You can’t gain muscle after 40
Truth: Age does have an effect on bodybuilding but it’s doesn’t mean that you can’t gain muscles after 40 at all! It might take time, efforts and extra stamina at that age to get there but you can certainly achieve it! Despite hormonal changes, muscle gain is possible!


Myth 4: The more you sweat, the more fat you lose!
Truth: This is a myth that has been making rounds since a long time. Sweating only means that your body is getting heated up but it doesn’t mean that you’re losing fat through your sweat! It does, however, burn the sweat with heat but sweat has nothing to do with it.

Myth 5: High Protein Diet is bad for your kidneys
Truth: this myth has been a part of the debate for decades, especially after the introduction of protein supplements and shakes. The truth is that kidneys need to work harder to process it but it doesn’t cause any damage what so ever.


Myth 6: Doing cardio before weight lifting will shed some pounds faster
Truth: The truth is that for lifting weights, you need energy and stamina. Doing treadmill before weights might get you too tired to go for weights!

So it’s high time to break out of these myths and take your training to the next level! Bodybuilding is only made complicated with the many myths that have been floating around, proving to be nothing but a distraction in your body building routine.


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